We've Moved!
And we are now 64 Sound

A fully refurbished, 2400 sq ft stand-alone studio that's been dormant since the 70's with...
1000 sq. ft tracking room • a classic MCI 428b console • 24 & 16 track 2"
and all the gear, guitars, pianos, keys, drums, and goodies that
you've come to expect from us, and a lot more.
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Kingsize North offers a big studio experience at a small studio price. Our 1500 square foot space features a 1972 Auditronics 501C 24-channel console and Ampex MM-1100 16 track 2" originally purchased together by JJ Cale, 40' x 20' tracking room with 16' foot ceilings, 20' x 14' control room, vocal booth, 3 guitar iso rooms, central A/C, wifi, and a large comfortable lounge.
Recording options include Pro Tools HD 3 Accel, Ampex 2" 16 track, Tascam 1/2" 8 track, ATR 104 1/2" 4 track, 3M 1/2" 2 track.
We also have a wide array of vintage instruments and boutique recording gear by:
Neve, API, Quad Eight, UREI, Teletronix, Langevin, Lang, DBX, Mercury, SSL, Universal Audio, AKG, Dyna Audio, Pearlman, Sure, Octava, Royer, Cascade, Sennheiser, Auratone, Gibson, Fender, Vox, Ampeg, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Roland, Ludwig, Zildjian, and so on.
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