Ampeg Gemini 1
Fender Tremolux (1960's)
Fender Vibrolux Reverb (1960's)
Fender Vibrolux (1970's)
Fender Super Reverb (60's blackface)
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Supro VibraVerb (60's)
Supro (60's small amp)
Vox mini
Marshall mini head
Pignose 30/60
60's tube amp
2x12 cabinet

Ampeg V4B tube bass amp
Ampeg SVT classic tube bass amp
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro tube/solid state amp
Ampeg B12 - Portaflex
Ampeg 4x10 cabinet
Ampeg 1x15 cabinet
Kustom 2x15 cabinet

Drums, Percussion & Drum Machines
Kit: Ludwig Maple 3 piece - 24x16x13 (early 70's)

Kit: Pearl 4-piece (1980's)
Kit: Cocktail standup kit
Kit: First Act (childs mini kit) 4-piece kit
Kick: 70's Ludwig 24"
Kick: 60's Ludwig 22" Strata
Kick: 80's Pearl 22"
Snare: Ludwig Supraphonic - 5x14 (70's)
Snare: Ludwig Acrolite - 5x14 (70's)
Snare: Gretsch chrome over brass - 5x14 (1970's)
Snare: Gretsch steel - 5x14 (1970's)
Snare: GP maple w/faux calfskin head 5x13
Snare: Thick Maple - 6x14 vintage custom
Snare: Toy snare
Snare: Piccolo
Snare: Misc.
Rhythm Ace analog drum machine (1970's)
Wurlitzer Side Man tube drum machine (1959)
Steel Drum

Cymbals by
: Paiste, Ziljdian, Ludwig, Istanbul, etc.
Various: tambourines, shakers, percussions, etc.

Guitars & Stringed Instruments
Gibson ES-335
Fender Standard Stratocaster
Fender custom Squire Tele (with Gretch bridge pickup)
Fender Jazzmaster baritone
Kingston 12 String electric
Rogue "sitar" electric
Custom 'Les Paul'
Nashville/HiStrung acoustic
Stella parlor acoustic
Dove 12 String acoustic
Takamine full size acoustic
Harmony Acoustic

Gold Tone Banjolin
Gibson Ripper bass
Fender Precision bass (70's w/round wounds)
Fender Precision bass (68 reissue)

Musicman (Earnie Ball) Fretless Bass
Ventura Violin 'Hofner Style' bass
Vox 'Hofner Style' bass
Mini Upright Bass
Guild B-50 Acoustic Bass

Keyboards, Organs & Pianos
Hammond M-111 organ with Leslie
Piano - Sohmer Baby Grand
Piano - Full size upright with Tack piano mod
Wurlitzer 206A electric piano
Rhodes 88 Key electric piano
Yamaha CS-60 analog synth
Korg MS-10 monophonic analog synth
Roland JUNO 106 synthesizer
Ace Tone Top-5 combo organ
Optigan (optical Mellotron)
Hohner Pianette T
RMI Rock-Si-Chord
Accordian - Lira
Pump Organ
Air organ
Jaymar toy piano
Electro Harmonix Mini Synthesizer
Botempi Mini Chord Organ
Dubreq Stylophone
Casio mini
Casio SK-1
Hohner Melodica
M-Audio Key Station MIDI Controller

Pedals & Effects by:
Maestro, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, Analog Man, Crowther Audio, MJM, Pro Co, Line 6, Boss, Roland, Fultone, Creepy Fingers, Ibanez, Lovepedal, Z Vex, Next, HBE, Reamp Box, Radial DI's

**although these instruments and amps are here most of the time... from time to time something is loaned out, out for repair, or just not here for one reason
or another.  If you absolutely need something on this list, please contact us about it before your session to check it's availablity.